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Why Good Shepherd?


Why Good Shepherd and not another private school in the area? 

  1. FAITH: Emphasis on the importance of faith and strong moral values in every aspect of our curriculum. Our students are taught the importance of respect for themselves, for others and for God from Pre-K 3 all the way through 8th grade. Beginning in Pre-K, our students are taught the fundamentals of the Catholic faith and are encouraged to find strength from a close relationship with God. Our students attend mass in our school each Friday, which gets them accustomed to fulfilling their weekly obligation as Catholics and allows them to grow in their faith as a group. (NOTE: GSS does not discriminate and welcomes families of all faith backgrounds.)


  1. INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION: GSS offers an ideal student/teacher ratio. Our small class size enables our teachers to provide much more attention to their students on an individual basis than they would be able to offer in a larger school setting. Our faculty and staff get to know each and every student and become familiar with each child’s strengths as well as their weaknesses. Your child is not just a “number” when they attend Good Shepherd School.


  1. COMMUNITY & FAMILY: Our families are part of an all-inclusive, tight-knit community. We strive to work together to provide our children with the best possible experience during their time at GSS. Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) offers parents the opportunity to work together with our staff and faculty to plan and promote creative and fun events (i.e., Springfest and Bingo Nights) geared towards boosting school spirit.


  1. SAFETY: Our modern facility and centrally located campus provide a secure and well-organized learning environment. Emergency procedures are reviewed regularly with staff, faculty, and students. Best practices regarding safety and security are of utmost importance and are strictly adhered to each and every day.


  1. DEDICATED FACULTY & STAFF: Our talented teachers, administrators, and staff are dedicated to the well-being and success of our students. They are committed to providing top-notch education in an ideal learning environment, as well as a consistent and stable presence in which your children can feel safe, secure and cared for.


  1. GSS “S.T.E.A.M.”: Our everyday curriculum places an emphasis on creative learning. We encourage students to use creative methods to find solutions to common problems. Our faculty incorporate elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics into each daily lesson in an effort to keep students engaged and interested. We incorporate the latest technology into the daily curriculum in all grades (Pre-K3 through 8) and offer 1:1 computing in grades 4-8.


  1. ATHLETICS, VISUAL/PERFORMING ARTS, ENRICHMENT & ACTIVITIES: Our goal is to build well-rounded students who not only excel academically but in all areas. We encourage them to explore our additional extracurricular and co-curricular offerings to find out what “speaks to them” and to develop and refine their unique talents.


  1. TRADITION: Time-honored traditions at GSS include our annual Christmas Pageant, “Letter People Land,” Track & Field Day, and much more. These events are fondly remembered by our graduates (many of whom send their own children to GSS so that they too can share in the same positive experiences that they did as students). These highly anticipated events serve an integral part in bringing our families together, making the GSS experience even more special.


  1. SERVICE: Our students participate in monthly service projects as a class, developing an appreciation for the importance of working together for the common good. Our Mission Club offers interested students with additional opportunities to provide service to our community. Older students who are preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation are required to complete Service Hours, which gives them a strong foundation on which to build a life of service to others.


  1. FOUNDATION: Our school is made up of a loving community of believers. We all work toward a common goal of bringing our students to their full potential and preparing them as best we can for whatever lies ahead in their educational careers. Our school is the best place in which young minds can be nurtured, and we pride ourselves on “growing faithful leaders of tomorrow.”