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Ski Club



Winter is right around the corner. Good Shepherd is continuing its skiing and snowboarding club starting in January. This is a great opportunity for students who enjoy skiing/snowboarding. It is also a great opportunity for students who want to learn how to ski or snowboard. In coordination with Ski Roundtop, GSS Ski Club will take seven after school bus trips to Roundtop. As a school, we are able to offer discounted prices on all lift tickets/rentals/lessons to students.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mr. Semborski via email or phone (717-497-4901).

Who, What, Where, When?


• Grades 5-8

• 8 Nights. Ski Club is 3:00 to 8:30 P. M.

Ski Club Dates:

• January – TBA
• February – TBA

The bus will leave school at 3:30 and return at 8:30 (Leaving Roundtop at 8). Students that have their own equipment have two options. They may bring it to school in the morning or they may have their parents drop the equipment off after school (before 3:30). Students bringing their equipment to school will be able to keep it in the gym. Because the bus does not leave until 3:30, students will stay in one of the middle school classrooms until it is time to leave. There they will have time to work on any homework they may have.

The deadline to register is TBA.

Valid at Roundtop Mountain Resort, Liberty Mountain Resort and Whitetail Resort. Imagine being able to ski or snowboard whenever you want, for as long as you want, that’s the power of a full Season Pass!

Save 40% at Roundtop Mountain Resort, Liberty Mountain Resort and Whitetail Resort all season!  Discount is on regularly priced lift tickets and class lessons only – packages are not included.

Valid 4 pm to 10 pm every night beginning January 2, 2019. Valid at 3 pm on Sundays. A signed release is required for all participants. Night Club Cards and their benefits are non-transferable.

If you have any questions about purchasing Cards please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. S (717-497-4901). You may also call group sales at Ski Roundtop for help purchasing cards (717-432-9631, extension 3723).

Learn to Ski

For any students that have never tried skiing or snowboarding, this is a great opportunity. They do not need their own equipment. They can rent all the equipment they need at Roundtop. Students have the opportunity to receive an hour lesson each trip. We are making it mandatory for students to receive a lesson on their first trip if they have never gone skiing or snowboarding. I also advise several lessons before going out on your own.


Helmets are Mandatory – each student must wear a helmet. Helmets are available for rent if students do not have their own.

Bus Fees

This year there will be a $50.00 fee for each ski club member.

Can students sign up for Ski Club if they cannot or may not be able to go on all 7 trips?

YES – We would hope that all students who sign up are able to come on all eight trips. But because of sports, school work, and other reasons that may not be the case. Students can sign up even if they only plan on attending one or two trips.

Ski Card Options

You will need to purchase one of the following from Ski Roundtop to be able to ski. (It all depends on your preference and how much you plan on going to Ski Roundtop outside of ski club.)

• Option 1 – You can purchase lift tickets, rentals, and lessons at Ski Roundtop each ski club trip.         Discounted Lift ticket price is $39. Discounted lift ticket/lesson/and rentals is $65.  This option is good if your child only plans on going on ski club trips a few times.

• Option 2 – Night Club Card.  The Night Club card is a special offer only for school groups. You can only obtain a night club card as part of our Good Shepherd Ski Club or other Schools ski group. The night club card is valid any night of the week beginning January 2nd.

Night Club Card Rates

Ages 4 and up Thru 11/7 After 11/7
Lift Only $184.00 $209.00
Lift and Lesson $229.00 $254.00
Lift, Lesson and Rental $269.00 $294.00

The great thing about the Night Club card is that it can be used as many times as you want. You can use it on nights other than ski club nights if your child wants to go skiing any other time as well. It serves as your lift ticket, your rental ticket and lesson depending on the option you purchase. All you do is show your Night Club card to the ticket booth and they give you your lift ticket, rentals and/or lesson each night you go.

• Option 3 –  Season Pass. The season pass is like the Night Club card only it is valid any day of the week from open to close.(Hours vary depending on the day. There are also many other additional perks of the season pass. You can check them out on the website.)

2016-2017 Season Pass Rates

  Thru 11/1     After 11/1
Individual/First Family Member $469.00     $569.00

• Option 4 – Advantage Card. The advantage card price is $119 or $160 for with rental option. With the advantage, you get 40% off lift tickets and rentals if you purchase that option.

How Much Will I Save?

This chart shows the regular retail rate for lift tickets and the discounted Advantage Card rate.

  Midweek/Non-Holiday Advantage Card Rate Weekend/Holiday Advantage Card Rate
Night (5p-10p) $47.00 $28.20 $47.00 $28.20
4 Hour Flex Ticket $55.00 $33.00 $64.00 $38.40
8 Hour Flex Ticket $60.00 $36.00 $69.00 $41.40
Extended Day $69.00 $41.40 $75.00 $45.00
Jr Night (5p-10p) $40.00 $24.00 $40.00 $24.00
Jr 4 Hour Flex Ticket $47.00 $28.20 $53.00 $31.80
Jr 8 Hour Flex Ticket $52.00 $31.20 $57.00 $34.20
Jr Extended Day $57.00 $34.20 $63.00 $37.80


• Any parents willing to help chaperone would be greatly appreciated.*

• Mr. Semborski and Mrs. Simcoe will be going on all seven bus trips. We, along with any parents that volunteer to chaperone, will be doing all of the following: Watching over students from 2:45 to 3:45, keeping students under control on the bus, helping students get their lift tickets and rentals if needed, making sure everyone is ready and that all start skiing/snowboarding at the same time, making sure students make it to and take their lessons if needed, skiing and snowboarding with the students out on the slopes, and taking roll to make sure everyone returns home on the bus.

*We may have the need for parent chaperones depending on the number of students trip by trip. If you would like to help chaperone, please let Mr. Semborski know. This will make it easier if and when we would need extra chaperones.