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Strategic Plan

Building a Brighter Tomorrow:
OUR Strategic Plan for 2015—2018 | The GSS Fund

About Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Catholic School is a pre-K through 8th grade elementary school in Camp Hill, PA with a history of academic excellence dating back to 1953.  Good Shepherd is a feeder school for nearby Trinity High School and a part of the Diocese of Harrisburg.

Our Mission


It is the mission of Good Shepherd to provide our students with a high quality, Catholic education in which students grow academically, spiritually, and socially to meet their fullest potential.

Core Values:

We believe:

  • Parents/guardians, teachers, and students must work together to ensure the best available education for our students.
  • Good Shepherd parents/guardians and teachers are messengers of God’s love who shepherd students through their faith formation.
  • Good Shepherd teaches students to respect all people and form healthy relationships with one another and the world around them.
  • Children learn best in a safe, supportive environment, surrounded by caring adults.
  • Children learn best through a variety of educational and social experiences.

Academic Excellence



Good Shepherd will offer a rigorous academic program firmly rooted in Catholic values that will provide our students the academic training and strong character necessary as the foundation for a successful life.


  • Faith formation of our students is the hallmark of a Good Shepherd education and will always be central to our mission.
  • Partnership between teachers, students, and parents/guardians is vital to the academic, social, and spiritual growth of our learners.
  • Highly qualified, motivated teachers working with the most up to date curriculum and technology are essential to our success.
  • Service to our community is a hallmark of a Good Shepherd education and the growth of our students as engaged members of their community.
  • Good Shepherd will meet and exceed Diocesan curriculum standards and those of local public schools.
  • Students require proper training in order to use information technology safely and in the best ways to further their education.
  • Good Shepherd graduates will possess the proper academic and faith foundation for success in high school and beyond.



Good Shepherd will:

  • Obtain recognition as a Blue Ribbon School.
  • Increase STEM  (science, technology, engineering, and math) opportunities and enhance hands-on science learning for students in all grades.
  • Prepare Good Shepherd students with strong technology skills to responsibly leverage technology as learning tools.
  • Offer after school enrichment to students of all grade levels.
  • Increase opportunities to challenge and inspire our most capable students.
  • Establish partnerships with local Catholic organizations that will allow our student to perform service and give back to their communities.
  • Introduce Spanish as a second world language.
  • Increase professional development funding for faculty.
  • Examine the potential use of distance education to offer students additional learning experiences and enrichment.

Enrollment and Marketing


Our Goal:

Good Shepherd will strive to build enrollment to more than 300 students to meet the financial needs to support the academic and social growth of its students.  Good Shepherd will create a comprehensive marketing and recruitment plan which will consistently engage current families and attract new families to Good Shepherd.


  • The Good Shepherd Education Center was designed to support a two section educational program.  A yearly PK-8 enrollment of 300+ students is ideal for Good Shepherd.
  • Increased enrollment will lead to a stronger academic program and additional curricular and co-curricular options.
  • Class size is an important element in a family’s selection of Good Shepherd for their children.
  • Retention of current students is as important as (or more important than) the recruitment of new students.
  • It is vital to market Good Shepherd both within and outside the parish and school communities.
  • Good Shepherd will benefit from consistent communication of important events throughout the year.
  • Good Shepherd’s website is our “front door” for new families.  It must be dynamic, current, informative, and user friendly.


  • Take advantage of Good Shepherd Education Center’s location on Market Street to provide regular advertisements of school and Parish news and events.
  • Retain 95% of our students each year by the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Grow the enrollment to 300+ students by the 2017-18 school year with two sections of each grade K-8.
  • Increase the amount of media exposure devoted to Good Shepherd
  • Continually work to improve the quality of our internet  presence via our website and social media.

Financial Sustainability


Our Goal:

Good Shepherd will seek to increase enrollment and tuition revenue while creating additional development efforts to support the budget and long-term sustainability of the school.


  • Tuition revenue will always fund the largest portion of the Good Shepherd budget.
  • Good Shepherd will remain committed to offering financial aid to make a Catholic education affordable for parishioners.
  • Good Shepherd will continue to abide by Diocesan recommendations for the percentage of school budget funded by the Parish.
  • It is important for Good Shepherd constituents to understand that development is a crucial funding source of our school.
  • Growing an endowment is important for our long term growth.


  • Develop an Annual Fund with a goal of at least $40,000.
  • Clearly demonstrate to families how funds are spent and where donated dollars are used.
  • Assess the feasibility of adding a development professional to the Parish staff.

Many thanks to everyone in the Good Shepherd community for your valuable feedback through surveys and strategic planning meetings to help this plan for our school come to life.