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Youth Protection Clearances for Volunteers

Volunteers who do not currently have Clearances:

Effective JULY 25, 2015 the State has waived the $20 in fees associated with obtaining the child abuse clearance from the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the State Police (PSP) criminal background check for VOLUNTEERS who work with children.

The following items are required:

The FBI report is needed only if the person has not lived in PA for at least the previous 10 years.

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Volunteers who have Clearances:

If you already have clearances, you are required to complete the new Youth Protection Training Program from the University of PittsburghThis training is free of charge and is required by the Diocese and the state of Pennsylvania for anyone working with children. You have until July of 2016 to complete the training; however, it is recommended that you complete the training as soon as possible.  The course is called Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse.  The course may take up to three hours to complete. Download the Youth Protection Training Program instructions (PDF)