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Athletics at the school include volleyball, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, track & field and football. These sports, with practices after school, make well-rounded students with strong team bonds and an excellent sense of community.

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The Boys Basketball Program participates in the Catholic Youth Organization of the Harrisburg Diocese and provides boys the opportunity for instructional and competitive basketball. Teamwork, fitness and good sportsmanship are goals of the program. The instructional teams are generally for children in 3rd and 4th grades; the competitive teams are for 5th thru 12th graders. Click here for more information.

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The Girls Basketball Program participates in the diocesan CYO Program and is open to all girls of Good Shepherd Parish. We begin with the basic fundamentals and progress to a competitive level, teaching the girls to respect all team players, coaches, opponents and community members in an appropriate Christian manner. Instructional teams begin for girls in 3rd grade. For more information, click here.

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The Cheerleading Program is open to girls in grades K thru 8 who attend the school or the CCD program. Students attending any parochial school without a football program are also eligible. Christian values and sportsmanship are important aspects of this organization. Participants and parents must make the commitment to attend two to three weeks of practice in July and August and practices on Tuesday and Wednesdays evenings at the Viking field in Wormleysburg.

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The Volleyball Program is open to all girls of Good Shepherd Parish in grades 4-8 We participate in matches with St. Joseph’s and tournaments within a 90 minute range of Good Shepherd. We begin with the basic fundamentals and progress to a competitive level, teaching the girls to respect all team players, coaches, opponents in an appropriate Christian manner. Click to learn more and register.

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The primary purpose of  program is of the Football Program is to teach the fundamentals of football, sportsmanship, provide maximum playing time, leadership and eventually prepare players for high school football in a parish setting.  All children, regardless of athletic ability, are encouraged to participate.

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The Soccer Program is open to boys and girls in grades 6 thru 8 in the Good Shepherd Catholic School and the Religious Education Program (CCD) provides the opportunity to play together as a parish team and compete against teams from other parishes. The league offers playing opportunities to all eligible students regardless of their playing experience, with emphasis on fun and sportsmanship.

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The Track and Field Program is available to students from 3rd to 8th grade. Students learn the basics of good technique and habits to create better athletes. With a focus on teamwork and camaraderie, students run, throw, and participate in track events through the spring season.