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An Answer to a Prayer – The Mumma family tells of their journey to join Good Shepherd.

From Parent to Volunteer to Grandparent – Mark Glessner writes of his long and ever-changing tenure with Good Shepherd Catholic School.

We Came… We Saw… We Mulched! – Ernie Savo tells of the collective spirit of Good Shepherd community!

Simon KieranGood Shepherd Catholic School is a school where students are taught, nurtured, enlightened and loved through God’s word and a dedicated caring faculty.   My tenure at Good Shepherd Catholic School was in an environment where routines and procedures were created to provide a safe, Christian atmosphere permeated by values that guide our daily lives as children of God.   Students demonstrate respect, kindness, and a caring attitude for each other.”   (Former Teacher: Mrs. Loretta Paduano)

When we were searching for a school, we knew we wanted a strong academic institution that would nurture and challenge our children as well as encompass daily Christian values. Good Shepherd achieved a perfectly structured, harmonious environment that simultaneously provided our children the chance to grow, learn, and explore as individuals.  The lessons learned in and out of the classroom at Good Shepherd have served them well in high school and college. (Former Parent:  Kathy Pillion)Arts night

“My nine years at Good Shepherd Catholic School truly helped me prepare for Trinity High School.  I was prepared academically, but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  Going to a smaller catholic school enabled me to establish personal relationships with all of my teachers.  The smaller class size allowed us, as students, to develop as individuals and yet to respect and learn from each others differences.  Whether the artist, the athlete, the actor, or the musician, Good Shepherd Catholic School developed us all individually and, at the same time, encouraged our independence.”  (Jack Shook – Former GS student)

“My Catholic School education at Good Shepherd is one of the gifts I cherish most. My experience there taught me conviction above all else. Conviction in my faith, in my roots, and in my individual ability to create progress.”  (Sara Sajer – Former GS student)

“I speak to the importance of Good Shepherd Catholic School both as a parent of four children who graduated from this special place and as a Good Shepherd Catholic School teacher of twenty years.  Teaching at Good Shepherd was like being part of a family.  As part of a small faith-based academic community, we were able to partner with the children’s parents and build on the values that their parents nurtured at home.  It was such a pleasure and privilege to see these children enter kindergarten and watch them grow and develop through the years into unique individuals.  As teachers, we challenged our students academically, supported them spiritually, celebrated their successes, and helped them with their disappointments.  Good Shepherd is more than a place.  It is a family—the Good Shepherd family.”  (Mrs. Kevin Cawley – Former parent and teacher of GS)