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Student Life

Athletics at the school include volleyball, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, track & field, and football. These sports, with practices after school, make well-rounded students with strong team bonds and an excellent sense of community.

Student Council
Students Council officers and representatives are responsible for leading and planning student activities throughout the year, including dress down days, pep rallies, and charitable fundraisers. These peer elected students take pride in their roles of leading the students to create a better school.

Art Club
Art Club, meeting twice a month all year long, gives students the opportunity to create and design in a freer way than only in weekly art classes. Students are charged with important artistic creations which are used in a variety of ways throughout the school year.

Good Shepherd boasts two choirs, for elementary school and middle school. The students sing at weekly Mass, concerts, and in the community.

Enrichment Clubs
Enrichment clubs such as Book Club and First-In-Math meet once a month to give students an opportunity to dive deeper into academic topics.

Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl competitions happen at Trinity High School between Good Shepherd and other schools. This academic challenge pits schools against each other in a fast paced knowledge competition.

Altar Serving
Students act as altar servers for weekly Masses at the school along with certain services held at the Parish. Students are exposed to religious experiences and training on a regular basis.

Theatre Production
Beginning in the fall, weekly rehearsals for the Spring Rama Drama production take middle school students through the entire process of putting on a play – memorizing lines, creating costumes, and making sets. The final production is open to the public in the Spring.

Science Fair
Science Fair, one of the long-term projects open to middle school students, exposes students to one specific field and topic within the sciences. Winners at the school level go on to compete in the Capital Area Science & Engineering Fair.

History Day
History Day, a long-term project, shows students an in-depth way to research and present on an important topic in history. In creative and knowledgeable ways, students make visual and oral presentations on their topic.