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School Advisory Board

The Catholic school is an expression of the educational mission of Good Shepherd Parish and of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Just as the Parish Pastoral Council serves with the Pastor on behalf of the total parish community, so too, the Good Shepherd School Advisory Board serves as a consultative body to the Pastor and Principal for the good of the school program.

With the various demands for expertise required of a Principal today, the need for a consultative group of people who are committed to the Catholic school and willing to work for the good of the school and parish is important.

The Board is constituted by the Pastor, in accord with diocesan policy, to assist the Pastor and Principal in a consultative capacity regarding educational enhancement, policy development, public relations, development/fundraising, buildings and maintenance and long range strategic planning.


  • Very Rev. Philip G. Burger
  • Dr. Stephen Fry, Principal
  • Mr. Mark Glessner, Budget & Finance
  • Mrs. Amy Kehner, Secretary
  • Mr. Matthew Treese


  • Mr. David Bartoli*, Chair 
  • Mr. Brian Gallagher~, Vice Chair
  • Mrs. Meghan Tinkham~
  • Mrs. Paulette Underkofler*
  • Mr. Dave vander Velden*


Revised by-laws: June 19, 2015
“Advisory Board comprised of 5 voting members (3 appointed/2 elected). Each member will be the Chairperson of one of the five Standing Committees with the expectation that, when the committee is called to action, the Chairperson will reach out to the community for assistance.

The Vice-Chairperson will succeed the outgoing Chairperson. The Chairperson may hold the position of Chairperson for three years after which time he/she must step out of the position. This adjustment will enable an incoming Chairperson to assume the responsibilities aware of the background and developments related to items before the Board.”