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Good Shepherd offers music from Pre-School to 8th grade, following the Diocese of Harrisburg Curriculum. On top of weekly classes, the school offers three ensembles: 


Good Shepherd has two choirs – one for 3rd and 4th grades, and one for 5th-8th. Our choirs perform three concerts annually, the Christmas Pageant, a winter concert, and spring Arts Night. We have been asked to sing everywhere from the 60th Anniversary Gala to the Harrisburg Senators.


Our band program, free of cost and meeting during the school day, currently has members playing wind and percussion instruments. Beginner lessons are available to students in grades 4-8 and teach everything from putting the instrument together to getting ready for the high school band. 


A highlight of Good Shepherd is our wonderful handchime program – used by students from first grade on up. Younger students use the handchimes in music class as a classroom instrument while older students play in a handchime choir. There is also an elective advanced choir for middle school students who want to play even more.