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Hot Lunch

2017-2018 School Year

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Contact: El Kielbasa, elkielbasa@gmail.com

NOTE: Good Shepherd and METZ cannot ensure that menu items do not contain ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. Please consider this when ordering.

What does “Hot Lunch” mean?

Good Shepherd School offers a “Hot Lunch” program to every grade level Monday through Friday, from September through May. Ordering Hot Lunch is optional. Some families find Hot Lunch to be a lifesaver for them because they don’t have to pack lunches for their children every day.

Who provides Hot Lunch to Good Shepherd School?

Metz Culinary Management is the main provider/vendor of our Hot Lunches this year, although Little Caesars also provides pizza on Fridays. The meals are healthy and the kids love them. You will notice the wide variety of meals that are offered. Children receive one entrée, one side/veg item, and one dessert/fruit.

IMPORTANTALL items that show up on the online menu/order form are the ENTREE only. Please note: every meal will have a side/veg and a dessert/fruit with it but they are not listed online.

What if my child doesn’t like everything they offer?

The great part about the Hot Lunch program is that your children can pick and choose what days they want Hot Lunch and what days they do not want Hot Lunch. You only pay for the days your children want Hot Lunch and you pack lunch on the other days.

How do I sign my child up for Hot Lunch?

• For new users/first time users, go to Orgs Online New Account page: https://fmsecure.orgsonline.com/m_newaccount.aspx

• The Good Shepherd School code for hot lunch is: 233GSSPA.

• For current/existing users, you can go directly to the Orgs Online website (http://www.orgsonline.com) to sign in. It’s the same as last year. The Hot Lunch Login image is also at the bottom of the GSS website.

How do I order and pay for Hot Lunch?

Hot Lunch menus are online and all ordering and payments are electronic. Once you create an account (above), you will be able to order and pay for lunch for your children conveniently and easy. We recommend that you use a checking account (lower fees).

Can I order drinks (milk, water, etc) with Hot Lunch?

No, please contact the school directly for milk orders. Milk and Hot Lunch are two (2) different vendors.

How does the Hot Lunch program work?

Parents place their orders one month before Hot Lunch is served (for example, you will order October’s lunch in September). In most cases, each month families have 15 days to place their orders. any questions – Cathy Johnson (email: thinkefficientc@gmail.com or 717/802-9876)

What if I forget to order Hot Lunch for my child?

Reminders are sent out a few times monthly to the families via email (through the room parents normally). The cut-off date for ordering Hot Lunch is the 15th of every month. Unfortunately there are no exceptions – if the order is not placed and paid for by the 15th you will have to pack a lunch for your child for that month.

What if my child has a bigger appetite than most children?

Hot Lunch offers a “regular” size lunch and a “super” size lunch. The child receives a bigger portion of the entrée when ordering a “Super” size lunch.

How much does it cost for Hot Lunch?

• Mon-Thurs: Regular lunch costs $4.25 and Super lunch costs $5.25;

• Fri: Regular lunch costs $3.25 and Super lunch costs $4.25.

I really don’t have time to pack lunch for my children, but they don’t always like what’s on the menu. Is there a way to offer choices?

Each year we offer an “alternate” lunch. Families will still have the option of ordering lunch every day and NEW FOR 2016-17, there will be 2 CHOICES PLUS an “alternate” choice, to allow your children options. The entrée is the only thing that will be offered as an “alternate” (the children will receive the side & fruit served that day).

What if my child decides, on the day that lunch is served, that they want the alternate instead of the regular lunch?

Your child will be served what they ordered for that day – there are no exceptions. The vendor is given the specific type and quantities in advance so Good Shepherd is only given the amount ordered each day. Your child will have the option of ordering the alternate in a future month.

What if I have more than one child going to Good Shepherd, do I have to order and pay separately for each child?

The system used for ordering and paying for Hot Lunch is called Orgs Online. When you sign up, you will list your children that you enrolled at Good Shepherd. When you are ready to place their Hot Lunch orders, you will see (all) your children listed. You will select each child individually, place their order; then select the next child, place their order, etc. When you have completed your children’s lunch orders, the system will then calculate all orders together so you only have to make one payment. You will receive a confirmation email when you place and pay for your order(s).

IMPORTANT NOTE TO FAMILIES: The Hot Lunch payment system is allowing families to use either a credit card or an E-Check/ACH. We encourage families to use the E-Check/ACH option. Most likely Good Shepherd will be offering only ACH in the future in order to reduce the cost of providing this program.

Contact: El Kielbasa [elkielbasa@gmail.com] with any questions regarding hot lunch.